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Creating Culture with Purpose (The Marshmallow Challenge)

In the tech world, sometimes attempts at explaining company culture read too much like Skymall catalog—nap pods, foosball, hoverboards! But perks don’t build culture, people do. Great company cultures are imagined, built, and maintained with purposeful planning that starts with company leadership and is nurtured by everyone on your team. A large focus of Leadnomics & Margo in 2016 is designing a company culture in which our people can thrive. We invite you to join us on our journey! Our event will begin with dividing attendees into teams to participate in a short, hands-on design challenge. Then we’ll break down lessons from the challenge and come together for a panel discussion moderated by Leadnomics and featuring leaders from Philadelphia tech companies that are excelling at building purposeful cultures. Refreshments included!

Leadnomics/Margo Offices
3020 Market Street 19104
Ste 535
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