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2 Day SketchUp Workshop

Session 1: Learn the Basics (9am – 12pm)

This beginner class shows you the basics and creates a strong foundation to build upon. Learn the essentials of navigating SketchUp and the terminology of the program.

Session 2: Afternoon (1pm – 4pm)

This session expands on the skills from Session 1 and shows you how to apply them in techniques and exercises. Working files are included that help show how you can use the program in creating drawings and presentations.

Session 3: 2D to SketchUp Workflow (9am-12pm)

This lesson provides the ideal workflow for using SketchUp when importing existing 2D line drawings. Import a 2D file and learn tips and tricks for organizing line-work, creating reference groups, aligning elevations, and constructing 3D models quickly. Also, we’ll show you how to save time with some clever plugins for this workflow.

Session 4: Photorealistic Rendering (1pm – 4pm)

This lesson gives you the tricks and techniques to create photorealistic renderings with SketchUp and a plugin called Podium. Learn how to create reflective materials, lights, and techniques for interior and exterior renderings. This session finishes up by creating a composite rendering and adjusting in Photoshop.

1515 Market Street 19107
Room 205 (Temple Entrance)
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  • Daniel Brown
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