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Let's Talk About Tech, Baby

Technology companies are often much better at developing their products and services than they are at communicating about them. CEOs and tech marketing people alike face these challenges every day. They struggle to tell their stories to their priority audiences, whether those are clients, potential employees, or investors. But communicating well about a product or service, its features and its benefits may make or break a technology company.

This Philly Tech Week, Slice Communications will help you tackle your communications challenges head-on. In our interactive workshop, you will learn how to start by identifying your audiences, how to focus on what makes your company different, and how to make it easy for people to understand buy what you're selling. You will also have the chance to meet with our experts and workshop exactly how you're going to communicate your message in these ways:

  • Press releases / boilerplates

  • Interviews with reporters

  • LinkedIn profile

  • Twitter account

  • Investor presentations

Join us for a night of interactive sessions, food, and drinks!

Leave your jargon and acronyms back at the office. It's time to figure out new ways to talk about your company.

About Slice Communications Slice Communications is the only integrated communications agency in the Philadelphia area that has fully dedicated public relations and social media teams. Our data-oriented approach empowers our clients to ‘slice’ through the clutter and to deliver the most relevant, insightful, and actionable messages to their desired audiences.

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