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OUT OF FRAME is a curated online exhibition showcasing work defined as Disruptive Tech. *dis-rup-tive (adj.) troublesome, unruly, badly behaved, rowdy, disorderly, undisciplined, wild.

The ten participating artists showcase technology-based works that disrupt systems, such as websites, software, apps and twitter feeds. These tech-based works disrupt with tech, through tech or in contrast to tech.

Participating artists: Caspar Below, Nia Burks, Marco De Mutiis, Chris Eben, Hope Hutman, Tyler Kline, Jon Montenegro, Lisa Marie Patzer, Michael Richison and TangenT Art Collaborative.

Curated by: Belinda Haikes and Gaby Heit

Organized by: Heit & Haikes

Philadelphia, PA
Map of location
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