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Tech Accelerator Program

With this in mind, Software Development firm Tri-Force Consulting Services, Inc. is launching its new Tech Accelerator initiative this month. Aimed at early-stage entrepreneurs and executives of emerging companies, Tech Accelerator will offer technical resources, software development help to Philadelphia entrepreneurs. Tri-Force’s Tech Accelerator is interested in positioning themselves as partners and providers of guidance to startup businesses. Your startup development needs, and become your partner in execution. Manish Gorawala and his team leaders are spearheading the rollout of Tech Accelerator Program: Let us collaborate with Tri-Force’s Tech Accelerator Platform a brand new concept from one of the fastest growing companies in Philadelphia, Reduce cost, and develop applications smarter with us. Leverage outsourced application development utilizing our Tech Accelerator platform. Please join us to learn more and network.

Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce
200 South Broad Street 19102
Suite 700
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