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Technology and Social Change: The New Digital Civil Rights Movement

Contemporary protest movements from Occupy Wall Street to #BlackLivesMatter use the internet and social media in ways that have broad implications for democracy and political movements. The internet and social media are no longer simply means to communicate about the activities or goals of the movement. These networks are now the digital battlefields upon which these movements fight for social change.

This Philly Tech Week WILCO / WURD panel will explore this new digital civil rights movement and how technology is shaping social activism and particularly giving a voice for minority and underserved communities.

Panelists: Todd Wolfson, Professor of Journalism and Media, Rutgers Asa Khalif, Black Lives Matter Activist Moderator: Brigitte Daniel, EVP of Wilco Electronic Systems, Inc.

Philadelphia Free Library
Parkway Central, 1901 Vine Street
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