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Transforming Tomorrow Today: How Emerging Technologies and Trends are Reshaping Greater Philadelphia

Future Forces may accelerate or reverse current trends, or create new ones that significantly impact demographics, development patterns, use of the regional transportation system, the economy, and/or the environment. These Future Forces were identified collaboratively by the interdisciplinary Greater Philadelphia Futures Group consisting of regional stakeholder experts:

  • Enduring Urbanism – People and jobs moving to walkable centers is the start of a long-term trend.

  • The Free Agent Economy – Increased outsourcing and automation means individuals must create their own economic opportunities.

  • Severe Climate – Continued rise in atmospheric carbon levels lead to significant disruptions from climate change.

  • Transportation on Demand – Smartphones, apps, and real-time information help people get around using a variety of new and existing transportation modes.

  • The U.S. Energy Boom – An abundance of domestically produced oil and natural gas keeps the cost of energy low.

Join us for a discussion about what these forces mean for Greater Philadelphia, what actions we should take to improve their outcomes, how they impact the tech community, and thinking about regional vision for the use of technology and the tech community.

Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission
190 N. Independence Mall West 19106
8th Floor
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