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Virtual Reality, biking, and the evolution of transportation

From the creative minds that brought you Guitar Hero, Rock Band and Dance Central, VirZOOM is a unique application and set of experiences in Virtual Reality. By using intuitive activity on a bicycle that creates parallel motion in a virtual world, pedalling and steering becomes a means to propel yourself through a new experience. This type of motion is natural for the user – as easy as riding a bike, and exciting as you want to make it. Don’t think of VirZOOM as a bike race, this is anything that you want it to be. Be the horse in the race, the tank in battle, the fire breathing dragon… Your actions on VirZOOM are real – which makes your experience feel real. This is a way to bring your dreams to virtual reality. VirZOOM is creating a constant stream of new experiences while also evolving existing ones that all can be experienced on our unique application.

The bonus: you get an awesome workout while having fun.

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