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Courtney Wilburn


Courtney Wilburn

Courtney is a full-stack web developer at O3 World. A native of Memphis, TN and graduate of Bryn Mawr College, she found her way to web development via an unusual path, and is probably the only certified phlebotomist, Aikido black belt, and amateur seamstress on the panel. Courtney loves finding unusual and efficient ways to solve problems, and enjoys developing agile workflows almost as much as she enjoys finding creative ways to parse heaps of data. Last summer, she was named one of the White House's LGBTQ Technology and Innovation Fellows. Her work with this prestigious group sparked the idea for the Greenbook App, a project focused on police and law enforcement data, that is currently in development. When she's not diving deep into web applications, she can be found running or biking around Philadelphia (regardless of the weather), cooking, making beer, or singing karaoke duets with her wife.

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AffiliationO3 World
LocationPhiladelphia, PA