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Elise Wei


Elise Wei

Elise Wei is a software engineer, team leader, and educator who is passionate about technology in Philadelphia.

With a background in fine arts and digital project management, Elise has been a developer and programmer for a global marketing agency, an established local SaaS company, and a startup so small and briefly-lived that you haven't heard of it (truly). She recently joined the engineering team at TicketLeap, where she is thrilled to be working on architecture and all parts of the stack.

She is perhaps better known for her volunteer work with the Philadelphia chapter of Girl Develop It, a national non-profit that provides accessible technology education for women. Elise started with GDI in 2012 as a teaching assistant with as little responsibility as possible, but soon became an instructor, and eventually a chapter leader in 2015. She now leads a team of highly-capable volunteers in developing educational programming, networking events, and a flourishing and diverse community of Philadelphians supporting the cause of women in tech.

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LocationPhiladelphia, PA