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John Ballard


John Ballard

Google is obviously incredible. We all know that. Except when you search for your business and it doesn’t show up ‘til tab 46. So how do get your business bumped up to the number one spot? That’s where LevLane’s resident digital search master, John Ballard, comes in.

This Director of Search Engine Optimization has dedicated his life to conquering the Internet. After starting off his career designing and developing websites, John realized the value of SEO and shifted his focus to make them more efficient, user-friendly and conversion based. As the digital landscape evolved, John combined his deep-seeded knowledge of web architecture and infrastructure with his newfound mastery of keyword research and search engine optimization to break down analytics, uncover key consumer metrics, and help clients get more clicks, more exposure, more attention and, oh yes, you know it: more RESULTS.

How does John get relevant web pages to our users quicker and more efficiently? Through endless research, a painstaking attention to detail and just the right amount of human touch. John’s talents bring LevLane’s clients top-of-Google, and top-of mind.

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LocationPhiladelphia, PA