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Raymond Carballada


Raymond Carballada

A creative and accomplished entrepreneur, business leader and strategist in the converging worlds of media ¬ advertising, television, motion pictures, visual effects, social, and online. Intelligent risk taker and who solves complex problems and works effectively with an array of clients, strategic partners and suppliers. Well connected in the media and content industries with a proven track record of recruiting, developing and leading talented, creative and technical professionals.

By identifying market opportunities, developing innovative strategies (sales, creative, technology) and building cohesive, integrated teams and infrastructure, Ray has driven over 10X revenue growth and transformed Alkemy X from a production company into a fully integrated creative content company with offices in Philadelphia and New York. Clients include numerous ad agencies, Fortune 500 brands, TV networks, and motion picture studios.

Under Ray’s leadership, Alkemy X made the INC 5000 list (www.inc.com/profile/alkemy-x) of the fastest growing companies in the U.S. 6 times 2008, and received the “Creative Economy Award" from the Arts and Business Council in Philadelphia, as well as 60 Addy and Emmy awards, among others.

SITUATIONAL EXPERTISE: Strategic repositioning and revitalization; cost/process redesign; top and bottom line growth initiatives; managing transformational change

FUNCTIONAL EXPERTISE: C-suite leadership; strategy; business development; operations; finance; shareholder management

KEY STRENGTHS & CAPABILITIES: • High proficiency in financial analysis, technology, granularity and management • Building and managing in-house sales organizations • Strategic, systematic and creative approach to driving value creation • Creates opportunities through intense customer focus • Leadership that empowers high-performance culture • Recruiting and managing high-level creative talent and teams • Leverages communications to build strong teams, trust and decision making

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LocationPhiladelphia & New York