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Stanley Griggs II


Stanley Griggs II

Stanley Griggs II is a junior developer and former QA technician at Philadelphia’s Tonic Design Co., a creative agency looking to shape the world through teaching, curiosity, and emerging tech. There, he’s worked on big projects for big brands like Johnson & Johnson, K. Hovnanian Homes, Hollister, Ralph Lauren, AstraZeneca, and Janssen.

Stanley started his career as a marketing graduate working in accounting, but has been a nerd and tinkerer all his life. He made the leap into software development rather serendipitously – he had decided that he’d pursue his passion by enrolling in a program like Dev BootCamp and learning to code from scratch. But before starting, he attended Technical.ly Philly’s NET/WORK job fair and happened to meet someone from the former DMGCTRL (now Tonic Design Co.). He started spending time around their office, learning whatever he could get his hands on…and the rest is history!

In addition to his tech chops, Stanley also boasts the mind of a true do-whatever-it-takes entrepreneur. He thought outside the box and used Twitter to get a job working for Uber. He used advice he read on a reddit post to start a successful import business. Now, he uses that same spirit to fuel his passion projects: His latest is jailjawn.com, which aggregates data from the Philadelphia area penal systems to be used for a wide range of studies. He also gladly lends a hand teaching anyone who’s just starting to use the tools he’s fluent in, like Sublime Text 2 and 3, Android Studio, XCode for iOS, PyCharm, terminal, git & GitHub, and more.

Stanley can be found on his blog, StanleyGriggs.com, by email at hello[at]stanleygriggs.com, or on twitter @ST215. He’s also on PhillyDev Slack, so give him a shout there too!

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AffiliationTonic Design Co.
LocationPhiladelphia, PA